Packaging and Film Equipment:

Custom Turret and Cantilever Winders

Turret Winders

Turret winders for blown film will start your converting process with perfectly wound rolls for use in printing, laminating or packaging. These winders are available in the following configurations:

  • Single Turret
  • Single Turret – Back to Back
  • Single Turret – Front to Front
  • Dual Turret

Both single turret and dual turret configurations are available with integral inlet dancer and nip, and feature PLC control with operator friendly touch screen control, taper tension control, and accurate control of contact pressure and of lay-on rolls position during gap winding.

Cantilever Winders

Cantilever winders provide portability, flexibility and simplicity at a low cost. They are used in applications ranging from folded sheeting and bags in-line to trim winding and startup scrap winding.

These winders are also used as low-cost back-up winders, to be rolled into place during servicing of the main winder.